"Innovation and persuasion are the distinguishing factors between the leader and the followers." A debonair personification of international diplomacy, KITMUN has been a conduit transcending academia into pertinent leadership. While we see abundant progress in various strata of society around the world, we also are the witness to some negative side effects of this ambitious climb in the status. As diplomats, one must recognise the balance between progress and mitigating some of its deterring aftermath, or else, the whole point of progress can get marred. KITMUN recognises the limitless potential in young minds to come together and innovate comprehensive and convincing solutions to some of the most pressing international concerns.

KIT always gives equal importance to the technical as well as non- technical aspects. After successfully hosting 3 years of IIMUN, KIT started its very KITMUN with a much bigger platform! KITMUN at its creation in 2017, hosted leading delegates from across the state. Over the years the the event has evolved to be an event of national repute, regularly hosting delegates from across the country. Thus, we invite you to 3 days of intense debating, discussing, interacting and socializing at the KIT Model United Nations 2018. Come join this global renascence by choosing from 7 different committees. With thrilling agenda, suit upto delve into escapade of debating and professionalism. So, come join us TO DEBATE, TO DISCUSS, TO IDEATE, TO PERFORM and TO CHALLENGE.

Itinerary Of KITMUN

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Allotments of Students for committees

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